The final product

The Design Brief

We wanted to show how easy it can be to build the office of your dreams using the McAleer’s Office Furniture online catalog. What followed was an amazing combination of client collaboration, hard work, and some of the most rewarding creative we’ve built.

Proof of Concept

First, we needed to prove that stop motion could be a viable solution that we could use for the technique.

First Sketch

Next we needed to design the look and feel of the piece.

First Sketch

Video Sketch

Before the big shoot we needed to combine the concept design and stop motion effect.

The Big Day // Photo Shoot

It was showtime. All the preparation we did was leading up to today going perfectly, and it did.


And after some Post Production magic..

Now we have the 15spot we all know and love. I was so excited once we launched I said “That’s a wrap!”

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