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Marketing in 2016, How Will It Be Different?

As the calendar turns to a new year, people often reflect upon the year that was and imagine the year to be. Is it silly to use the new year as motivation to evaluate such things? Perhaps, but such is human nature. Enhancing the customer experience at every touch point has rarely been more important. So, let’s begin with useful tips to set your business up for a successful 2016.

  1. Have a restless nature. Effective marketers have a restless nature. They love to question, challenge and relentlessly debate things to push the envelope. Sometimes that means tactics for a mobile ad campaign, the latest Google updates and how it will impact local SEO, or sometimes it simply means discussing lunch options. (Does anyone else have endless debates about lunch besides us?)
  1. Keep it interesting. Marketing is easy, but good marketing can we tough. The only way to make good marketing easier is to strategize, implement, learn, and repeat. Things become boring and stale without constantly testing new ideas, products, concepts, and disproving outdated best practices. No one likes boring and stale.
  1. Reach the right person at the right time. Audiences are more fragmented than ever. Five years ago, only crazy people talked to their watches; now people can actually buy products using an AppleWatch. Understanding the customer’s path to purchase and matching the message to that path is critical. Most successful campaigns include  multiples messages, and a clear understanding of a consumer journey through the buying cycle.

We will dive into trends and predictions for digital display marketing, the quickly growing arena of content marketing, the ever-changing search marketing landscape, and finally the importance of tracking and measuring everything.

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