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Millennials may be the most written about generation in the media today. With many sources from national and international reports from consulting firms, newspapers, and magazines to shared content on social media from op/ed reporters, people are both interested and conflicted on the topic of millennials.

What does this mean for Alabama? With no major reports written about Alabama’s millennials until now, the Alabama Media Group created an opportunity for millennials ages 19-36 in the state to have their voices heard. Our survey was distributed to millennials online via social media and through various young professionals organizations throughout the state.

This is the first major report on Alabama’s millennials. We found that our sample of surveyed millennials will tell us exactly what they want, how they buy products and services, and what issues are most important to them in the upcoming elections if we ask them directly to share their opinions and give them an open forum to do so. Our survey sample widely does not live at home, debunking a national trend of millennials living with their parents, and our respondents range from graduating college and looking jobs to looking forward to their children being out of diapers. They hail from all across the state. While some want to venture out of Alabama many want to stay in Alabama and make the state their own.

As a business owner, you can use this report to better understand millennials as employees and as target customers. Should you direct more attention to providing a fun office environment or toward mentoring relationships between supervisors and millennials? Should you put your money to advertisements on TV or toward your web presence for search engine optimization? If you’re looking to attract millennials, mentorships and search engines matter. The following report will help guide you on how millennials live, their purchasing interests, online actions, and what they want for the future. If you take this information in hand and work to implement it in your own organization, you will be on your way to establishing a relationship with one of the largest and most educated generations of our time.

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