We are connected to the world more than ever before, and social media is largely responsible. According to Pew Research Center, nearly 70% of U.S. adults use social media. Such widespread use further solidifies its value as a powerful marketing tool.

Marketers wanting to implement social media marketing strategies need to be familiar with the two different types of social media: organic and paid. Each type has its advantages, and knowing when to use each could make a significant difference in user engagement.

What is organic social media?

Organic social media is content created and posted to any social media network’s feed. These organic posts are not boosted or sponsored (paid for) to appear on other users’ feed. Because of this, users may or may not see your content. Engagement from organic posts relies on the interest level of users who already follow the brand on social.

What is paid social media?

Paid social media may be the same content as organic, but you are paying for it to be boosted or sponsored on the social media network. Most networks allow targeting to specific audiences, sorting users by age, gender, and more. This increases the likelihood that your target audience will receive your message and engage with it.

Which one should you use?

Whether to use organic or paid social media is up to you, but the best strategies implement both types. Many marketers are putting a lot of time and money into paid social media marketing. Although paid social media will help your message gain traction, quality organic content is equally important.

As Gary Vaynerchuk stated, “No amount of paid media is going to turn bad creative into good content.”

The point of social media is to engage with the very people you are trying to target. Organic social presents the opportunity to release authentic, personal content that resonates with users.

Paid social media marketing will attract audiences that fit within the target you create, but it is your organic content that will make them stick around.

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