If you are old enough, you may remember the days when someone would ask you a question instead of Google. Does it seem like everyone has a cell phone today? If you have that thought, it turns out you aren’t wrong. Within the hands of almost all consumers now sits the mobile computer – the smartphone. Want the proof?

In the first quarter of 2017, the amount of time spent on an app/web on a smartphone almost doubled. From Q1 2016 when the average user was on for one hour and thirty-nine minutes, it rose to two hours and nineteen minutes in Q1 2017. This is all according to The Nielsen Total Audience Report | Q1 2017.

Take that knowledge and marry it up to another of the results of that analysis and you will find that 97% of Generation Z; 97% of Millennials; 95% of Generation X; and 86% of Baby Boomers own a smartphone. It kind of makes sense. Not only is there ownership, but increased usage.

Usage for TV, AM/FM Radio and all the accoutrements of the connected individual were almost the same except for app/web on a smartphone. It shows that most other traditional media are being consumed at the same rate year over year with the increase coming with the Internet in your hand. If you aren’t focused on the smartphone, it is a good chance that your customers are slipping through your hands right into competitors’.

Within the automotive dealerships in Alabama, there is limited growth in the market – somewhere around two percent (2%). That means for anyone to grow in the market, someone must decline. It is simple math. For a dealership, regardless of what that dealership is selling or servicing, the primary growth area is the smartphone. Building a digital strategy around that strong growth is one way your dealership can ensure itself of staying viable to the ever-changing marketplace. Without a cohesive strategy built around targeted approaches, you could find yourself losing customers.

A comprehensive digital strategy starts with the right questions. Don’t know what to ask? Where to begin? Or maybe you have been at it a while but not sure that what you are seeing is reasonable success. It is time to shake hands with Alabama Media Group Autos to get a grip on your current customers while finding new ones that make your dealership the one the national brands want to duplicate. Contact us today.

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