When you work with a premium publisher, there’s no need to choose just one way to communicate with your customers. A coordinated campaign across several channels can put the “halo effect” to work for you in many smart ways that expand and reinforce your message.

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Many publishers have multiple channels, and finding the right channel to match your target audience is essential for achieving effectiveness. For example, the age demographic for print newspapers today is 55+, whereas a brand that produces newspapers could also have popular social channels that skew much younger. Publishers are adapting content effectively to reach multiple ages so that it’s not the same content for every platform, but ensures that brand affinity remains high for all age groups.

Here are some perks of working with premium publishers:

  1. Premium publishers are actively sought out by their viewers or readers, who tend to have a loyal, meaningful, committed relationship with them.
  2. Consumers go to premium publishers because of what they have to offer—sports, news, entertainment or other popular content, or a unique perspective or voice. No matter your industry, you can reach a diverse audience with various interests.
  3. Premium publishers may gain additional stature by requesting something in return from their audience for the content they provide. That could be subscribers’ fees, but it also might be personal information provided when asked to register for access. This allows advertisers the ability to gain additional exposure through e blasts, direct mail, etc.
  4. Finally, premium publishers understand their audience and know how to connect to it. In a world in which four out of five brands don’t really know their customers, leveraging a publisher’s deep knowledge of its audience can be invaluable


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