The subject line is arguably the most important component of an email. It is what entices the reader to open an email in the first place, so it needs to be attractive. Craft a great subject line, and the number of opens it receives will rise. In contrast, if that subject line is not attention-grabbing, it will immediately end up in most people’s trash folder. According to an email marketing expert, the best subject lines have elements of self-interest, curiosity and emotion.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when considering how to craft a subject line:

Do limit the number of words used.
Studies show that subject lines ranging from three to seven words have the highest engagement rates. These short lines give people a small taste of what the email is about, but leaves them curious enough to want more.

Don’t use special characters or all caps.
Use of special characters (!, #, @) and all caps lettering can increase an email’s risk to end up in a SPAM folder. They can also delegitimize your message.

Do be clear and concise.
People stay pretty busy. If a message doesn’t get to the point quickly and clearly, it’s likely to be sent to a person’s trash folder without a second thought. Make your subject line and email worth their time.

Don’t use industry jargon.
Unless you are sending an email to fellow travel industry colleagues, the likelihood of them knowing what your jargon words mean is slim to none.

Do include a call to action.
Is there a next step you’re wanting your potential guest, owner or customer to take? Including a call to action in the subject line will help them understand there is action required on their end.

Don’t craft deceptive subject lines.
Do not use a subject line that does not correlate with your email’s message. Those who receive it will likely feel deceived and that their time was wasted. Nothing will make a recipient delete an email or send complaints faster.

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