With more people working from home, demand for residential service is increasing while commercial business has dipped significantly.  For most contractors, Google searches for HVAC and electrical services are about the same as last year, even with COVID-19, but the mix is different with residential work searches up and commercial searches down.

Contractors already have a plan in place to capture emergency calls – or need based service through search engine advertising.  But today’s market is different, and contractors have a unique opportunity to get more business.

Homeowners are forced to spend more time at home with couples and kids trying to work, home school and live their everyday lives.  The shortcomings of their existing systems are becoming obvious as temperatures rise and comfort becoming a need rather than a luxury.  And it’s not just about temperature – searches for information on improving air purity is also up.  COVID-19 hit at the same time allergy season was ramping up and consumers hit with concern for their health on both fronts may be ready to invest in improvements.

How to adjust your marketing:

  1. The first thing consumers want to know is how you are doing business.  Are you open for emergency calls only?  Do you have limited hours?  How can they do business with you in this new environment?
  2. The second thing consumers want to know is how you are doing business differently to protect them while you work in their homes. Clearly spell out what technicians will be doing differently to keep contact to a minimum and meet CDC, state and local requirements to contain spread of the corona virus.
  3. Content marketing – become the expert on the subjects people are asking about now –
    1. Indoor air quality is becoming a trending topic – share your expertise on the impact to people’s health.
    2. Vent and duct cleaning could be more important than ever in the light of the pandemic. What was a luxury to homeowners in the past could be a must-do today.
    3. In a time of economic uncertainty, routine maintenance could give homeowners the peace of mind they need by extending the life of their older HVAC units.
    4. Content doesn’t get read on its own – you must push information to your customers and prospects through your digital marketing channels. And that brings us to our next point.
  4. Up your digital communication touches – Homeowners are spending more time online now than before the crisis – by 30% or more. They’re reading the news, on social media and in their in-box throughout the day.  To get their attention you need to be advertising on digital websites, posting and boosting posts on social media channels, and emailing your customer and prospect lists regularly.

Ready to Get Started?  We Can Help.

Alabama Media Group can help you attract new jobs developing and distributing engaging content that homeowners want to read.  Contact us today to learn how your business can be successful in the COVID-19 economy.

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